Benefits of Choosing Low Calorie Dinner

Benefits of Choosing Low Calorie Dinner

The etymology of the term “dinner” takes us way back to the 13th century. As simple as this French originated word sounds, the term actually is a tad bit complicated. It actually meant breakfast in Roman, French and Portuguese culture but, the retention of the meaning wasn’t maintained for too long. Eventually, the term now refers to the heavy main meal of the day.

Low Calorie Dinner

It is a known fact that we’ve got three, very important food consumption spells, comprising of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Food here is a common factor and is this magical fuel that not only keeps us nourished but also is a primary reason why you and I are alive. According to nutritionists and doctors the mathematical equation of the quantity of food consumed should be something like this; “Breakfast>lunch>Dinner” to remain adipose free. Obesity has been a huge area of concern and in a population of about 7.125 billion across the world half of the population is obese. The exact reason is very hard to determine but food habits and intake of food at improper times is certainly one major reason. Many questions may arise

  • Is there a specific time to have food?
  • Why must I fear to eat when that is what keeps me alive?
  • Why can’t I eat food at my own desired time?

The questions are surely valid but, there’s always a procedure for every process and food consumption is a significant one. Our Human body is this incredible machine that runs with the quantity and quality of food we eat. For us food=calories and that is what we functions on. Calorie ironically is something that people want to gain and also lose at the same time, very rare to see those words in a sentence – forms an oxymoron.

Why low calorie dinner?

People now-a-days are a lot keener on staying fit and are very particular with the intake of carbs and proteins. The fear multiplies at night during dinner. Why? Do people think that our body slows down after sun sets? Our body is constantly working, just that our body works at RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) when asleep and at (Basal Metabolic Rate) BMR when we are awake. This is directly proportional to the activity gradient which dips as the day progresses.

The key here is to maintain a balance. Eat light low calorie dinner recipes for weight loss, eat healthy and see how peacefully you fall asleep.