Bestmixer is the best dark web Bitcoin mixer

Bestmixer is the best dark web Bitcoin mixer

There are many things that make Bestmixer the best of its kind. Today we’ll find them out and share with you.

Bestmixer is an anonymous cryptocurrency mixer which hides users from cybercriminals and government. It was quite easy to understand how it works after visiting the website ( so we want to share our opinion with you.

Strict policy and modern features is a key to anonymity

The developers took a fundamental approach and added to the service everything for users’ security. So Bestmixer is Tor-friendly and SSL secured, generates a temporary incoming address and deletes all details about mixing in a day. There’s no way to find the creators’ names and addresses which are made for an absolute protection.

Reasonable fees and discounts for clients

The price is a very attractive moment for users because the minimum fee is only 0,5%. The maximum can be different, it depends on the currency type. Also, the more you mix, the less you pay – discounts are offered in a special “Fee” section. So this dark web Bitcoin mixer saves not only personal data but money.

A service to rely on

We noticed that Bestmixer gives a lot of guarantees. The most important is that nobody will receive the same coins back – every client gets a special code after the first mixing which prevents mixing with the own coins. Depending on the number of addresses there’ll be from 1 to 6 confirmations to let users make sure everything goes right.

Actually, there are much more advantages to Bestmixer. It’ll be great if you try it and share an opinion with other crypto owners.